Looking to boost your immunities? Lose weight? Lower your A1C? Get healthier? We can help!


Hi! My name is Rob Ferguson, and I am the owner / founder of Sierra Sourdough and Sourdough Solutions.

I eliminated all of my risk factors and beat diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and eliminated 7 prescriptions and lost 125 pounds at age 55 and have kept it off for over 13 years! That’s why I started Sourdough Solutions. 

Our food serves as the foundation for a Mediterrean Diet, and all of it’s benefits. We only use organic, whole-grain flour, and add quinoa, chia and flax, then we ferment our foods for days to develop the enzymes into our superfoods.

We make all of our sourdough food from flour that is grown with heirloom seeds, mostly in California’s rich Central Valley, and then whole milled (whole grain) fin Woodland, California. All of our food is fermented in stages over several days, and then we add various seeds, grains, dried fruits, nuts, spices and hydration's to add even more nutrition and delicious flavor.

If there was one thing you could do to improve your health (lose weight, feel better, have more energy, reduce your risk for diseases, control diabetes, etc.), choosing to eat organically grown heirloom whole grain, sourdough bread. 


Better Eat Sourdough! Here are some reasons why:

9 health benefits of eating whole grains from Healthline: 
  1. High in nutrients and fiber

  2. Lower your risk of heart disease

  3. Lower your risk of stroke

  4. Reduce your risk of obesity

  5. Lower your risk of type 2 diabetes

  6. Support healthy digestion

  7. Reduce chronic inflammation

  8. May reduce your risk of cancer

  9. Linked to a reduced risk of premature death 

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Meet Rob!

Rob Ferguson, Owner

Tel: (530) 512-5191


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