Sourdough Baking Class for Beginners

We teach how to bake sourdough bread from scratch, and we teach you why to eat whole-grain, long-term fermented wheat for the incredible health benefits. Our classes are fun, and our students leave with freshly baked bread, dough to bake at home, a jar of our starter, a bag of starter food, and two bags of the whole grain flour we use at our bakery, and just about everyone leave with a new high on life! 

Our schedule:

9:00 - a breakfast of our sourdough waffles and a discussion of the principles of baking with sourdough

9:30 - into the kitchen to learn basic bread forming from dough put up the day before. After rising, we bake it for you to take home, two 2 1/2 pound sourdough loaves.

10:30 - you create your own recipe of sourdough bread using our starter, flour, and your choice of seeds, nuts, dried fruit, herbs and spices.

12:30 - lunch of mini-pizza, discussion of maintaining the starter, q & a, and other applications for sourdough, such as waffles, pancakes, and other ways to enjoy sourdough recipes. I also share how I use this food to maintain my 125 pound weight loss and the results it has had on my diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and other related health issues. All of this while your take-home bread is baking!

1:30 - Bread is out of the oven, and you have your dough to take home, along with a recipe sheet and therest of your haul.

We have a blast! Our classes usually sell out quickly. I also teach private classes for families, team building, and groups of friends.

All this for only $90!