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9 health benefits of eating whole grains from Healthline

If there was one thing you could do to improve your health (lose weight, feel better, have more energy, reduce your risk for diseases, control diabetes, etc.), choosing to eat organically grown heirloom whole grain, sourdough bread.

Better Eat Sourdough! Here are some reasons why:

9 health benefits of eating whole grains from Healthline

1. High in nutrients and fiber

2. Lower your risk of heart disease

3. Lower your risk of stroke

4. Reduce your risk of obesity

5. Lower your risk of type 2 diabetes

6. Support healthy digestion

7. Reduce chronic inflammation

8. May reduce your risk of cancer

9. Linked to a reduced risk of premature death

Sourdough Solutions Bread Company makes delicious artisan whole-grain sourdough foods, including bread, vegan waffles, mini pizza crusts, crackers and food that pairs with these fermented foods

We are the solution for those who have omitted wheat from their diet due to gluten intolerance, because the organic whole-milled flour that we ferment for 24 hours permits even the most gluten-sensitive people to return to these delicious foods even though they contain gluten. The non-GMO heirloom seeds from which the wheat and rye are grown and the fermentation process eliminates the digestion issues associated with refined, processed flour that is enriched and bleached.

We intend to become America's most trusted food company. Inspired by our Founder's 125-pound weight loss, which he has maintained for over a decade, this Mediterranean based diet is designed to be simple enough to become a lifestyle. We prepare our food using the healthiest available ingredients and prepare them in the healthiest way possible. Fruit, vegetables and whole grains are the foundation for the healthiest diet prescribed by health care professionals, and that's exactly what we use!

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