Our 16" Whole Wheat Loaf is a 2.5 pounds and includes quinoa, chia and flax. Our breads are fermented for 24 hours which allows the enzymes to go to work on the


Freeze or use within 10 days thawed. Best served toasted, with your favorite toppings!


* Baked at the Colfax Sourdough Solutions Bake Center. Facility contains dairy and nuts, contains gluten.

Sourdough Wheat Bread (2.5 lbs. / 1120 gms)

Unsliced ($9.95) or Sliced (Add $1)?
    • We exclusively use organic whole grain flour
    • Calories: +/- 180 calories per serving
    • High Fiber (+/- 5 grams per serving)
    • High Protein (+/- 6 grams)
    • Low Fat
    • No Trans Fat
    • No Saturated Fat
    • No Cholesterol
    • Good Source of Iron
    • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
    • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
    • For more information, or specific product information please e-mail us info@sourdoughsolutions.com

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