We are suspending online orders. Please call or email Rob Ferguson, or 925 998-1629 for further information. All outstanding orders will be processed ASAP. We lost our lease at the kitchen!

Better plans in the works.


Introducing Sierra Sourdough!


Check out this video of Rob Ferguson, owner of Sourdough Solutions, introducing our newest bread, Sierra Sourdough!

It's beautiful, as well as delicious! Get yours today!

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Sourdough Solutions Bread Company makes delicious artisan whole-grain sourdough foods, including bread, vegan waffles, crackers and food that pairs with these fermented foods


We are the solution for those who have omitted wheat from their diet due to gluten intolerance, because the organic whole-milled flour that we ferment for 24 hours permits even the most gluten-sensitive people to return to these delicious foods even though they contain gluten. The non-GMO heirloom seeds from which the wheat and rye are grown and the fermentation process eliminates the digestion issues associated with refined, processed flour that is enriched and bleached.


We intend to become America's most trusted food company. Inspired by our Founder's 125-pound weight loss, which he has maintained for over a decade, this Mediterranean based diet is designed to be simple enough to become a lifestyle. We prepare our food using the healthiest available ingredients and prepare them in the healthiest way possible. Fruit, vegetables and whole grains are the foundation for the healthiest diet prescribed by health care professionals, and that's exactly what we use! 

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Sourdough Solutions offers organic, high protein, high fiber, & easily digestible foods, delivered straight to your door!

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These delicious Whole-Grain Wheat Sourdough crackers are a customer favorite, and oh-so-addicting! 

The Answer to Gluten Intolerance


Sourdough Solutions makes all of their sourdough food from flour that is grown with heirloom seeds, mostly in California’s rich Central Valley, and then whole milled (whole grain) in Woodland, California. All of our food is fermented in stages over several days, and then we add various seeds, grains, dried fruits, nuts, spices and hydrations to add even more nutrition and delicious flavor.


All of our food has a moist, dense crumb. When you receive your food, you can leave it in the cupboard for about a week or place it in the freezer for 3 months or more! We use a special artisan bread bag that allows for breathing and superior barrier against moisture. Allow a few hours to thaw, and when toasted, it is truly divine!

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